Today’s complex technical construction projects demand a high level of expertise and industry knowledge that few contractors can provide. Technical Builders has both. We pride ourselves in our ability to streamline and simplify every construction project, keep costs down, and deliver exceptional quality.

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Design/Build & Turnkey Construction

We are experts in the design/build process. From concept to reality, we carefully manage all aspects of the project and work closely with you to meet your specific requirements. Our process includes estimating, conceptual design, pre-construction, final design, permitting, construction, and close-out.

These are just a few of the benefits of working with Technical Builders:

  • Fast-Track Construction.   Leveraging our experience, expertise, and proprietary TBPM™ software, we are able to complete even the most complex construction project faster than the competition.
  • Low Cost. High Quality.   Armed with our extensive facilities engineering expertise and in-depth knowledge of the design process, we are able to provide value-engineering advice or alternatives and create the best options for your project, thereby minimizing costs and maximizing quality.
  • Centralized Leadership.   We lead the construction team to execute our clients’ objectives. We manage all parties involved, including architects, engineers, IT, suppliers, and furniture vendors.

Pre-Construction & Estimating

The earlier in the process you engage Technical Builders, the greater a positive impact we have on cost and scheduling.

  • Estimating & Scheduling.  Our TBPM™ software was designed to streamline the bidding process, as well as to simplify the project once it comes to fruition. Because it gives us control from estimate to close-out, we are able to accurately project both costs and schedules.
  • Site Evaluation.  When clients are purchasing or leasing a new space, we thoroughly assess the construction site to identify any potential concerns and determine suitability. We also can provide accurate budgets to evaluate the best option.
  • Regulatory Compliance.  We work with city Planning and Building Departments regarding the permit and occupancy classification. Our strong professional ties with these departments help us to streamline the permit process to get the project completed fast.

Green Construction & Sustainable Design
Technical Builders stays current with the latest sustainable construction practices and technology. We assess the most environment-friendly and cost-effective construction techniques. Of course, whenever possible and suitable, we use sustainable and/or recycled building materials. We can also work with you to identify and implement alternative energy solutions and to achieve LEED certification.

Technical Builders Project Management (TBPM™)  System

Technical Builders Project Management (TBPM™) is our enterprise-wide web application, enabling the on-demand, real-time management of our estimates and projects. TBPM provides effortless collaboration between our Senior Management, Project Managers, Superintendents, Accounting and Administrative Staff, and Subcontractors.

As projects evolve from estimates to jobs, TBPM centralizes the issuance and publishing of subcontracts, purchase orders, change orders, submittals, and transmittals – subject to strict workflow and limits of authority rules – while eliminating transcription and calculation errors.

It is also a document management system. Documents issued to subcontractors become available to them instantly, eliminating construction delays typical of traditional document methods. Additionally, its powerful reporting system ensures all output is accurate.

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